General Information

Date and place

The V South American Camporee, The best Adventure, will take places in to editions: Alpha and Omega. The two editions will have the same program, activities and representatives from all the 16 South American Unions, and also some international delegations. To have more information about the places, click here. AQUI.

Alpha edition: January 8 to 13, 2019

OMEGA Edition: January 15 to 20, 2019


The Clubs will be classified by categories, for the final awards, receiving their score by mail only after the camporee. The ranking, according to the score received shall be:

  1. Five stars – From 85% to 100% of the highest score achieved.
  2. Four stars – From 70% to 84% of the highest score achieved.
  3. Three stars – Less than 69% of the highest score achieved.


80.000 pathfinders and 10.000 leaders and pastors from the support teams.


  • The pathfinder is the center
  • The message is the most important part of the event
  • The meetings and programs should be visible for all the pathfinders
  • Decisions for Jesus are more important than a trophy
  • Administration and pathfinders, try to reduce their stress as much as possible during the Camporee
  • The activities must leave an impression in the life of the pathfinders
  • The points will be 80%, achieved at the local church
  • Events that are creative and relevant
  • Less competition and more COOPERATION
  • The food for the support team has the same philosophy as the Club does (vegetarian, delicious and natural)
  • Stimulate the development of created united order, and band formations
  • Christian patter for the “Battle cry”
  • The Camporee should cause a local impact through community projects and missionaries that make the difference.

Message from the leader

To you, pathfinder,

Being a pathfinder is more than just na activity or experience, it is a life style. It a way of living. How many sotires you and I have to tell others about the blessings received from God while camping, next to a fire or in a Camporee. I am praying for the Clubs and Pathfinders, so that this Camporee can become unforgettable, great, encouraging, and dynamic. But above all that I can be the beginning of thousands of decisions made for Jesus Christ. Pray for me also. And don’t forget that we have our marked meeting. Close the 100 thousand campers will be there, and you can’t miss this opportunity.

Big hug!

Pr. Udolcy Zukowski South American Division Pathfinders and Adventurers Ministry Director